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WOCIP Global Leadership Accelerator

Global Leadership Accelerator Program


What is the Global Leadership Accelerator (GLA)?

A multi-year leadership development program designed to accelerate the development and subsequent access to leadership roles for women of color in pharma through strategic networking with industry peers and leaders, individualized and group coaching, and didactic and experiential learning.

Who should attend? There will be 3 cohorts of women per cohort organized by level

  • Emerging leaders (up to 5 years experience, individual contributor)
  • Mid-career leaders (5-8 years of experience, cross functional leadership experience)
  • Senior leaders  (>8 years of experience, direct managerial and cross functional leadership experience)

What are the objectives? Unleash the Best Leader in You from the Inside Out by:

  1. Strengthening cultural and leadership competencies to support patient care globally
  2. Build new capabilities, including business acumen, that allow women of color to thrive in a dynamic workplace and marketplace 
  3. Understanding the importance of the link between emotions and energy to promote higher levels of self-care and leadership.
  4. Identifying ways to modulate personal core energy to increase options for decision making

Key Benefits include:

  • Multiple assessments  including Energy Leadership Index Assessment, WOCIP Energy Essence Assessment, DISC and 360 with debriefs
  • A 12 week didactic leadership development program as a part of year 1
  • Homework/Practice assignments distributed throughout to reinforce learning
  • Individual and group  coaching sessions to help participants navigate through learning and behavioral shifts struggles
  • A powerful community of peers to network and support each other’s growth
  • Working in cohorts to develop a shared approach and connections for leading and driving change within the Pharma industry

Nominal assessment fees will apply.  Curriculum delivered in three half day segments over nine months.  Peak performance required to be considered for year 2 and 3.

What are the program activities?

  1. Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment with debrief (conducted by ELI-Master Practitioner)
  2. WOCIP Energy Essence Survey
  3. 360° Assessment
  4. Individual sessions with a certified professional coach focusing on reaching set goals
  5. Peer to peer guided mentoring discussions
  6. Group coaching sessions to address overarching and shared areas of concern
  7. Identify ways to modulate personal core energy to increase options for decision making
  8. Build new capabilities, including business acumen, that allow women of color to thrive and change in a dynamic workplace and marketplace 

Who is the ideal candidate?

WOCIP is seeking to build a network of women of color across different levels committed to doing the work required to become change agents in the pharmaceutical industry.

The ideal candidate:

  • Can demonstrate a commitment to strengthen the pharma industry with women of color
  • Has a thirst for personal and professional development
  • Is interested in creating a network
  • Is willing to be coached
  • Is a WOCIP member


To sponsor the GLA effort, email for information

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Apply for the program?

Deadline to apply for the program?

  • All applications must be completed by Wednesday, December 30, 2020.

How will I know if I was selected for the program?

  • You will be notified on/before Monday, January 8, 2021.  If you selected you must attend a mandatory orientation the second week of January.

Next Steps:

  • Apply for the program here. If you’re not a WOCIP member, join here.  If you have any further questions or need more information, contact us at


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