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“What you have inside of you is unique.”

– Tope Osiyemi

The Self-Care & Confidence Guru

Tope Osiyemi highlights how to honor yourself from her coaching experience.

Tope Osiyemi joined WOCIP because she saw herself in the other women. They were resilient women who faced similar challenges as Tope and were overcoming them.

“They exuded strength and this desire to shake up the status quo that I hadn’t seen in the industry before — I wanted to be a part of that,” she says.

She already had some of the tenacious, compassionate, and fearless qualities she observed in the other women. In fact, those are three words she uses to describe herself.

She is persistent about bettering herself, she genuinely loves people and pours into them, and she is confident that she can succeed at anything.

“This has taken me a long way because it has helped me in building lasting relationships,” she says.

Perhaps, the most important of those is her relationship with herself.

“I am persistent, motivated, and resolute in being the best version of myself. So whether I’m in biotech, whether I’m pursuing something outside of that, like a hobby or my own business, I’m motivated in making sure that I show up for myself.”

The coaching program at WOCIP was exactly what she needed. It was an investment in herself that she says continues to pay off. “The coach really helps you develop yourself as a leader, discover the gifts that you have and how you can make an impact, and also show up for yourself,” she explains. “And through that, it was really me discovering my worth and who I am.”

Honoring herself was one of the biggest lessons she learned from the experience. She shares tips on how to do that here.

Tope Osiyemi Img

You should reflect your entire life in your goals.

It’s easy to focus on professional development like leadership development. But there’s more to you than what you do at your job, Tope says. “Think about your goals in life beyond your profession.”

You can grow and nurture your confidence through challenges.

At the beginning of 2020, as the world was trying to navigate COVID, Tope acknowledged it opened her eyes
to working with others more effectively. “My coach and I looked at different working styles, taking a test to help me identify my own style, and explored how I could work better with someone who thinks differently than me,” she says.

Don’t hesitate to take a break.

“I would just accumulate my vacation time, and my coach was like, ‘why aren’t you taking your vacation time?’ I had
to unlearn that behavior,” Tope explains. “I don’t have to prove myself by working nonstop. So now, I take my time.”

Mindsets can be changed.

It takes time, but Tope says you can change habits that don’t serve you. The fact that you have always done something does not mean you cannot change it.

You must be intentional.

Would you like to know your managers better? You should try to understand their perspective and what’s on their mind and how you can have impactful conversations with them. Headed into a meeting? Think about the most important things to help you prioritize, so you manage your time efficiently. “The funny thing is, when you implement these things, you boost your confidence because you’re more organized and more intentional about what you’re doing,” she says.

Always remember that you belong.

Charlotte always says, ‘you have a seat at the table.’ There’s a place for you—and your voice. “That really helps me in my day-to-day, especially on days when I don’t feel like showing up. I remember that I have a seat at the table.”

There is only one you.

“What you have inside of you is unique. Nobody can talk like you, no one can dress like you, and no one can show up like you. And so that’s what I love about WOCIP,” Tope says. “It’s about the power inside of you and bringing that out whether it’s at your job, your business, or within your family.”

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