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Patrica Cornet

“I was contributing and I was seen as the expert.”

– Patricia Cornet

The Transformative Traveler

Through travel, Patricia Cornet enhanced her global competence, created more value for patients, and challenged the status quo.

WOCIP co-founder Patricia Cornet, the daughter of Haitian immigrants who left their country during political unrest, understands what it is like to stand out and adjust to a new culture. As a young child, she recalls being one of the first immigrant families in Huntington, Long Island. Even though she was quite young, she remembers the discrimination she endured by blacks and non-blacks alike.

Standing out and discrimination didn’t deter her—it fueled her wanderlust.

In high school, she was in a traveling orchestra. Her family would take road trips to Canada and different parts of the U.S. Her siblings also traveled abroad, like her sister who studied in France for two years.

“Once I got a taste of travel, I was like, this is such a good way for me to learn about the world, and other cultures, and business,” Pat says. “It really does color your perception of the world and how the world views us in the United States. Travel also piqued my interest in the roles I’ve taken on throughout my career.”

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Pat started in the non-profit sector working in diabetes genetic research, and now has over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to her work and involvement with WOCIP, she has traveled globally, which includes 4 out of the 7 continents. For example, for a two and 1⁄2 years, Pat worked in China on assignment where she focused on tying the Chinese patient voice and cultural perspectives to drug development and commercialization.

Stepping into that role pushed Pat out of her quiet diligence and helped her evolve as a leader. “There’s no doubt that I was a different leader when I came back from China,” she explains. “I was previously given information, but then I was contributing and I was seen as the expert.”

In making decisions, leaders relied on Pat’s experience in China. Her diverse travel experiences, global operational roles and experience building the WOCIP organization helped her grow as a leader, amplified her voice, and made her comfortable with visibility.

Through WOCIP’s program experiences (i.e., coaching, energy leadership), she’s developed a better understanding of her values, strengths, and weaknesses. As Pat explains, WOCIP is a beacon of inspiration for women of color in the pharma industry, creating a platform and space for them to drive. Her benefit has also made her a source of inspiration and a role model for others.

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“As a recipient of the Frank Broderick Social Justice Award and New Jersey Trailblazer Award, I’ve been recognized for my leadership in advancing initiatives to support women and girls,” she says. “As the co-founder of WOCIP, I created a platform that didn’t exist for Black and Latina women to give them a voice, visibility, and a strategic network to inform their personal and professional growth; now we are expanding WOCIP’s advocacy to empower communities of color on health decisions.”

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Pat nurtures her potential, and she’s passionate about helping other women do the same, starting with young girls, including her daughter. A current student at Parsons School of Design , her daughter wants to be a leader in designing sustainability systems for organizations. Pat wanted her daughter to gain a broader perspective and an understanding of the world and herself through travel. Her daughter learned Mandarin and eventually went back to China when she was in high school. Her advice to other young women: “Don’t play into your fears and embrace the unknown and always seek to surround yourself with those who will support your fearless journey.”

Building Connections

Empowering women of color in pharma to excel in their professional and personal development, WOCIP aims to change lives, and that starts with building connections.

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Through travel, Patricia Cornet enhanced her global competence, created more value for patients, and challenged the status quo.

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