The Value of WOCIP Membership Benefits

For Members

  • Involvement in activities that will spark your creativity
  • Connecting with other women of color who will
    challenge you to be agents of change in your career
  • Collaboration that fosters authentic communication
  • Mentoring and coaching at all levels
  • Thought leadership
  • Giving back

For Companies

  • Deeper understanding of how to leverage women of
    color to enhance business performance
  • Access to dynamic women of color leaders with
    experience in the pharma industry who can mentor
    and further develop existing leaders of all races/
    ethnicities at your company
  • Partnership to create a talent pool of Black and
    Latina women
  • Company positioning as a great place to work for
    emerging Black and Latina talent
  • Position pharma as a destination of choice for women of color

WOCIP Membership Benefits

WOCIP members enjoy unique benefits:

  • Leadership tools and training
  • Access to industry leaders
  • Peer advisory council
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Special events and programming
  • Discounted event pricing

Your annual membership investment guarantees your place at the forefront of the WOCIP movement.

General: $300 (active or retired)
Student: $100 (undergraduate or graduate)
Industry or Entrepreneurs: $600 (Non Pharmaceutical/Recruiting Agencies)

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Your annual membership investment guarantees your place at the forefront of the WOCIP movement. General $300 (active or retired); Student $100; (undergraduate or graduate); Industry or Entrepreneurs (Non-Pharmaceutical/Recruiting Agencies) $600. Visit to join and see additional details.


National Conference


Cupcakes & Champagne
Chapter Gatherings



On Demand

WOCIP Portal
Coaches Network

2019 WOCIP Programming & Curriculum

WOCIP Excel Platform(TM)
  • WOCIP professional development platform
  • WOCIP Build Your Brand Series
  • WOCIP Excel Webinar Series
  • WOCIP Excel Profile ™
  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.)
Leadership Marketing Kit
  • Personal mission and brand statement
  • Multi-dimensional biographical sketch
  • Storytelling for impact
  • Bring your Full Self
  • C-Suite prep
  • Executive presence
  • Elevator speech
  • Resiliency
  • Owning your career
  • Building influence
Peer Mentoring
  • Facilitated groups
  • Enriched Networking
  • Geographic focus
  • Nurturing and informal environment
WOCIP Real Talk Series
  • Industry leaders
  • Peers across pharma industry
  • Professional/personal development subject matter experts
  • Topics specific to professional and personal growth
WOCIP Signature Moments – Strategic Networking with Sponsor Organizations
  • Customized program/events at sponsor locations
  • Co-developed with board and sponsor company
  • Focused on transformation, connectivity and hot topics
  • At company sites or webinar hosted by sponsor
Annual Conference
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Break-out sessions
  • Networking


  • I believe WOCIP is a much-needed organization

    “Women of Color in Pharma (WOCIP) has confirmed for me that as a woman of color,  I deserve a seat at the table and a tap on the shoulder. It is my responsibility to create the space and encourage that exchange with confidence. It is also essential to pay it forward by being integral in creating the same opportunities for others. I believe WOCIP is a much-needed organization to guide women of color in our industry, as they maneuver through the various phases of their personal and professional lives. The members of WOCIP are all inspirational and phenomenal women.”

    Camille LesPierre, MBA, MPA
    Co-Lead, Women of Color in Pharma, NYC Chapter
  • We can break through the glass ceilings...together

    “Why WOCIP? Because I don’t want my future daughter to be the ‘first black female’ or ‘first woman of color’ in any field or endeavor. I want us to shatter the glass ceilings now, so the next generation can succeed while being unapologetically themselves. We can break through the glass ceilings in our industry much faster, if we share our knowledge. WOCIP is important to me because it brings powerful women together to network and share our knowledge and experiences, so that we can grow and learn from each other.” 

    Monique Phillips, MS
    WOCIP 2018 Conference Co-Lead
  • Phenomenal women of color collaborating

    “WOCIP is a timely addition to the array of professional networks. There is unity and strength as we draw on our experiences to work toward a more inclusive mind-set in our organizations. The opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals who are unapologetic about owning their careers, while investing in the next generation of women entering the pharma industry, is invaluable.  It’s a privilege to stand with other women of color as we grow, transcend, and transform—together.”

    La’Wana Harris, BS, CDE, ACC
    Leadership Development Director
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