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  • Looking forward to next year!

    The First Annual Women of Color in Pharma Conference was phenomenal! So glad I was able to be part of such a momentous occasion! My heartfelt thanks to the amazing women who made it possible! Looking forward to next year!

    Fanayea Abraha
    WOCIP Conference Attendee
  • We would recommend them thoroughly!

    Fantastic conference from start to finish! The content, attendees and logistics were on point! I left inspired and empowered to find a role back in the industry in which I started my career.

    Dee Edge-Cam
    WOCIP Conference Attendee
  • Phenomenal women of color collaborating

    My goodness, this conference, the leadership, the awesome information, the networking, the phenomenal women of color collaborating and sharing – so necessary for my trailblazing Sisters!!!! Loved the day, loved the spirit of unity and look forward to next year.

    Brenda Bridges
    WOCIP Conference Attendee and WOCIP Member
  • The 1st annual WOCIP conference was a huge success and I’m glad to have been in attendance. Many connections were made and invaluable advice given. I plan to fully utilize all advice and connections to tell My Story! Many thanks to WOCIP for paving the way!

    Heather Melius-Armoogam
    WOCIP Conference Attendee
  • Awesome day of reconnecting, learning, and sharing...

    Awesome day of reconnecting, learning, and sharing at WOCIP’s (Women of Color in Pharma) first National Conference… It is imperative that we blend our diverse skill sets to uplift each other as we grow together creating opportunity for ourselves and others… To my left we had one of the top Infectious Disease Physicians in the state, and next to her, my Soror and Medical Dietitian, connecting with leadership and other thought leaders across different areas of study and work… The first National Conference was SOLD OUT! It was motivating to see support from from ALL of the top Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies in our industry with two companies leading the way.. The diversity in people and skill set is what should be embraced because that is what makes all organizations great…

    Lisa Smallwood-Belk
    WOCIP Conference Attendee and WOCIP Member

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